Selçuk University recognizes that educational institutions play a vital role in the process of “International Understanding and Cooperation”. Therefore Selçuk University is dedicated to provide its students with a varied education with an international influence and is constantly striving to expand and improve its reputation for international involvement.

In addition to existing EU programmes, a new mobility programme called “Mevlana Exchange Programme” has recently been introduced in the Selçuk University. This programme is funded by the Council of Turkish Higher Education. Through this programme, the staff and students of Selcuk University have the opportunity to involve in exchange with the universities from all over the world except for European Countries.

A "Dual Degree Program" was initiated jointly with Montana State University in the departments of 'Mechanical Engineering' and 'Biochemistry' in the 2007-2008 academic year. 40 students successfully completed their training in these programs conducted entirely in English, and the first graduates received their diploma in the 2011-2012 academic year.

A project of a master's degree in the field of English Language and Literature for young scientists from Kabul and Balkh Universities of Afghanistan supported by the World Bank has been conducted jointly with Kansas State University of the United States as a partner.

A) In choosing the partners, the university’s primary goal is establishing quality partnerships that meet our needs. The head of departments and the department coordinators come together to define and discuss the specific needs of each department. Once it has been decided what outcomes desired, searching procedures begin for the partner institutions whose programs align with the department’s goals. In the prospected partner institutions, the key elements to look for are the programmes and specializations offered within degree programmes, internationally recognised accreditations, and training options. Through web searches, international weeks, conferences, preparatory visits and invitations, they meet with their partners and carefully discuss the terms and conditions of the co-operation which will create a fruitful partnership for both parties.

B) Selçuk University determines the geographical areas in accordance with the needs of each department. Each department prefers Higher Education Institutions from the most developed countries in their specialisation areas.

For the most popular foreign language taught in Turkey is English, we tend to choose our partners from the higher education institutions where English is used in teaching.

C) Selçuk University is aware of the fact that successful participation of university, students, and staff in the exchange programmes triggers the expansion of their scope and raises the number of international projects. The main objective is to improve the quantity and the quality of students and staff participating in international projects.

Considering the proportions of each student cycles and high number of first cycle students in Selçuk University, first cycle students come first among the existing exchange student’s figures too.

While the first cycle students are the primary target group of the administration, students at different levels of study too are encouraged to take part in exchange programmes.